During lockdown, the Solidarity Movement has a social responsibility towards people in the Afrikaans arts and music industry who are experiencing hardship and financial pressure during this period. Dapper Media’s responsibility lies with the Afrikaans artists and singers. It’s our goal to create awareness among the South-African public , and to support artists during this trying period. Funds are raised through ticket sales, and all the money goes directly to the artist and record company.

How to buy a ticket:

  • Choose concert
  • Buy your ticket
  • Place order
  • View cart
  • Finalize order

Couch Concerts

Questions about your Couch Concert? Read this:

When will I receive my link to watch the concert?
All concerts are immediately available after purchasing your ticket. If you would rather watch the concert at a later stage (and not immediately after purchasing your ticket) follow these steps:


  1. Go to www.dappermedia.co.za, then Couch Concerts an click on the concert that you bought a ticket for.
  2. There were usually stand “Buy ticket” will now stand “watch now”
  3. If it still says “buy ticket”, please click on “sign in” at the top right.
  4. If you are signed in, you can got to the concert page and there will be a button with “watch now”.
My order shows “processing”, what now?
This only means that the concert is still active and available on your profile, and has not yet expired. You can watch your concert by going to the concert page and clicking on “watch now” – please make sure you are signed in.
I bought a Couch concert ticket, but it’s no longer showing on the website?
Certain concerts are only available for a certain period of time, when you buy your concert, make sure to watch it before it expires.

Appel: 3-8 June
Jo Black: 10-15 June
Pieter Koen: 17-22 June

I’m having trouble with making payment
If you’re experiencing trouble with making payment for your ticket, you can send an e-mail to info@dappermedia.co.za. Here we will make an alternative arrangement with you.
When will my concert be available to watch?
All concerts are immediately available after purchasing your ticket.
Where can I watch my couch concert?
All concerts can be watched any time, on any smart device!