Music has the power to add colour to emotions.

Dapper Media is always looking for new talent. We are looking for people who are prepared to work with us, to work hard and to reach new heights. At Dapper Media we really make the difference you need, and we open the right doors for you.

So, contact us. Let us take the next step together.

What is new at Dapper Music?


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Dapper Media presents: Adam’s music video, Kalmeer.


Dapper is proud to work with the fresh talent of Swerwer.

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Pedro Barbosa

Dapper Media presents: Pedro Barbosa’s music video, Crazy love is.

Neil Somers

Dapper Media presents: Neil Somers’ music video, Bloedgrond.

Leandie Lombaard Bräsler

Dapper is proud to work with Leandie Lombaard Bräsler.

Leandie Lombaard Bräsler – Racheltjie de Beer is now available to watch!