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A product from AfriForum and Loopgraaf Films, together with Adam Tas and Meyer le Roux.

Kaalvoethelde was born from a wish to let the history we learnt in school back in the day be relived. Children of today no longer learn about Jan van Riebeeck and Piet Retief; nor about the selflessness of Johan le Roux, the fearlessness of Marthinus Oosthuizen, the bravery of Wolraad Woltemade or the loyalty of Dirkie Uys.

Kaalvoethelde is a series of short stories about child heroes such as Dirkie Uys and Japie Greyling, but we also tell the legends of Racheltjie de Beer and Antjie Somers. These are the tales that can be applicable again to situations our youth find themselves in today: To do little things, such as protect your brother and sister – like Racheltjie de Beer did – or to show your true character and stand strong for your fellow human, like Japie Greyling did.

May the heritage of our fathers remain the heritage of our children!

Byt & Buskruit

Exclusive to Dapper Media.

Byt & Buskruit (Afrikaans for Bite & Gunpowder) is an exciting new hunting and fishing programme presented by Adam Tas.

This authentic Afrikaans series brings you finger-licking good recipes and original campfire songs, and each episode takes you on a journey where Adam and a famous friend take on the wilderness.

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Byt & Buskruit is proudly sponsored by:

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